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A superhero is described as somebody that possesses “extraordinary or superhuman powers“. In a way, I see a superhero in every one of us – working for the greater good and with something special that we can give back to ourselves, our clients and our industries.

But just like when the Avengers were thwarted by Loki, we can face many obstacles – some even hidden from view. And just like Thor has his hammer, Iron Man his suits and Captain America his shield, we all have different tools that help us do our job.

But until we understand these tools and we have a better understanding of our own true value, we can’t craft work that makes a difference in the world.

In this online masterclass, I talk about how we can learn to make a difference in the world through our work - but only when we embrace our superpowers and understand what truly makes us special.

Rachilli :: The Vault

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