The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit by Rachel Shillcock

The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit

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The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit is a mini video course designed to help you discover what you makes you AND your business truly unique - and revolutionary.

With videos and complementary workbooks to help you along the way, by the time you finish this process you’ll have created your very own Toolkit and be thinking about your brand + business in a completely new light.

The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit is a set of processes and tools that I created in 2012, when I first started running my own design business and I’ve used it and refined it since then when creating brands for my own clients.

Included in the Toolkit is: instant access to 3 videos, walking you through: what makes a revolutionary brand; what the toolkit is; and creating your own revolutionary brand. One worksheet and a bonus workbook are included to help you work through the process.

What's included?

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TRBT - Video 1
5 mins
TRBT - Workbook Part 1
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The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit :: Workbook
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TRBT - Video 2
14 mins
TRBT - Video 3
12 mins
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